Organizational and Executive Coaching

Being in the thick of things with the day to day activities of your business or organization may mean that you are not able to look at the big picture, or to find time to ensure that teams are strong, systems are efficient, and that the backbone of your organization is sound. 

In the case of a start up or rapid expansion, this may mean that things carry along fine for some time, but then fractures begin to appear, resulting in missed opportunities, increased conflict, and a sense of spinning wheels.

To help you start right or to make a fair course correction in your path,  Zanna will meet with you to:

  • clearly identify your business, which may not be what you think it is!
  • catalogue your strengths and those of anyone you are working with
  • discuss your business/organizational values, image and other key factors
  • explore budget and finance questions
  • brainstorm potential solutions, paths or other responses to your questions
  • explore resources that may help you
  • assist you in ensuring that the resources you use are the right ones for you – right size, right time, best for you.

We will meet for an hour or so, discuss your organization’s or businesses interests, and then I will prepare for you an outline of specific services that will move you forward.

Some of these:

  • conduct a strategic planning session that will yield a straightforward and action oriented blueprint, bringing your group closer to cohesion on values and visions in the process.
  • prepare business plans, operational plans, policy manuals or other documents
  • develop plans for and prepare appropriate and effective proposals for grants, support for business development, or for fundraising and sponsorship program development
  • advise and provide services regarding communications strategies, public and media relations, etc.
  • develop and deliver board, volunteer, staff and community learning events.

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